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Krsiiaraya was pleased to hear this reply, and resolved to
make a tour so that he might see his kingdom and the exten-
sive earth, With the object of getting information in advance,
he despatched quick-footed and keen-witted spies who were
proficient in the knowledge of tongues and skilled in. assuming
disguises to Vijayapura, Ahamadanagara, Bedadakota, Eaja-
mahendra, 5ranga? Cennapattanaj*SrIrangapattana, Oadaranga-
pattana, ^rirangam, iladhura, Ramesvarain, Uminattur, Siva-
samndranL, Penugonda. G-olkonda. Gurramkonda, Melnad,
Morasunad, the Ghat country, the Tamil country, JIalayalam,
Kocei, Konkanam, Kerala, Viratapura, Yarata, Matsya,
Vidarbha, Kainbhojauagara. KasmTra and Delhi as well as the
southern districts of Tuluva and Halve, Candragiri, Grandikota*
Cuddapah, Nandyala. Bellamkoiida, Racur, Mudgal, Nidigal
and Mysore, so that they might obtain mformation about the
countries and their rulers, the conduct of the petty chiefs,
their wealth and military strength, the opinions (regarding the
government) held by the people inhabiting the hamlets, villages
and towns and the practices which were prevalent in the forts
and report it to him privately everyday.

The arrangements in the toicns : fThe king issued an order
threatening to punish evil-doers who behaved lawlessly in
towus and molested people. He commanded that the people
should conduct themselves without disobeying the orders of
the government Therefore, he enabled all people to walk
freely in the streets and thoroughfares without the fear of
being molested by any one whom they might meet.

After discharging all his daily duties and the closing of
the night assembly, the Raya would start incognito to go
through the town. Having learnt everything (about the events
that happened in the city) he used to return to the palace at
the dawn of the day. Then he would rest for a short time ; and
getting up (from his bed) early in the morning, he would

- mentioned here is obviously the town of that name In the
Łaog*!ore district of the present Mysore State.
flfc* passftg* is coirapt ; only a p traphrasc is jiren.